Rhythm Interrupted

Apparently Ali has run out of reading material. Imagine! and she hits me with the refresh of shame….

Anyway, there’s a very good reason for not posting. Yes, I’ll blame the baby. But I’ll also blame everything that comes with a baby. Namely: relatives.

There are mother-in-laws, grandmothers, mothers, uncles, cousins, etc. Everyone wants to see the baby. Not that I blame them; my child is gorgeous. However, driving to and fro so that we can show off her beauteousness and entertaining people who don’t regularly live with us has thrown off the schedule. I’ve been watching far too many soap operas under duress, observing far too much of Dr Phil’s opinions, and basically feeling like I’m spinning my wheels and getting a whole lot of nowhere.

Which has thrown off my goals.
Which irritates me.
Which makes me sound bitchy when I don’t want to be.

I still plan on hitting the revisions of FJR this month…sometime. That was the main goal for this month after having the baby. (Who, I might add, is taking my typing very well, though it is probably jerking her head around in a most uncomfortable fashion.)

2 thoughts on “Rhythm Interrupted

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  1. Babies = chaos, both directly and indirectly. It happens. Yet, despite it all, you’ve updated your blog 🙂Cheers.

  2. Okay, so I’m a little curious about the typing-jerking the baby’s head thing. Um…how does this work? No, wait. Perhaps I don’t want to know. I’m just glad you’re sitting at the keyboard again.

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