Resolving the Resolution Game in a Revolving Manner

It's that time of year...the time of New Year's Resolutions. However, after a recent conversation with Shane, I'd like to think of 'resolutions' as something slightly more positive. 'Resolutions', at least the way they are practiced at the present time, seem to focus on the negative first. "I suck at this, I'm too fat, I'm... Continue Reading →

A New, Fruity Metaphor

Recently I chit-chatted about 'refilling the well' of creativity. The only problem I have with that is that I don't feel like a well. I feel more like a grape. When I'm working on a big project, or a pretty steady stream of little projects, I begin like a grape--round and ripe and full of... Continue Reading →

Nice Rejections are Nice

Just got a rejection letter from a neat magazine called Contrary. They were very polite. While it's always a bummer to get a "No", a "No thank you, but we enjoyed it" is even better. Check out their new online content: consider submitting.

Writing Friends…Keep ‘Em

Once upon a time, I had a class with a prof who argued that writers do not write in a vaccuum--and many times directly collaborate. Her main focus was on Romantic and Victorian literature. Lots and lots of emphasis on how Wordsworth and Coleridge were buds and eventually rivals. Lots of focus on the Bronte... Continue Reading →

Ha! I get the party crowd…

All righty...It's great to have friends that are smarter than you. It's true. They keep you from doing the dumb things you would otherwise, of course, do. But it's still a bitter pill to swallow when every last one of them is apparently smarter than you. Take the following example:Cash Advance Loans Apparently, my blog... Continue Reading →

Filling the Well, as it were

Julia Cameron, of Artist's Way fame, recommends what she calls "artist dates" in order to "fill the well"--meaning you can't create something if you are tired or empty, as it were. That state of "I have no ideas!" can be remedied by taking yourself out somewhere: to the movies, for a walk, working on something... Continue Reading →

Place for the desk, take 2

This last week has been a trial, let me tell you. Yes, everything mechanical was, toaster, you name it.Now my desk will be in a new corner in a new place. The house has become far too expensive and, of all things, we are having to move in with family. Yep, and right after... Continue Reading →

If It’s Mechanical, I’m Breaking It…

My car refuses to start. (Twice now, totally dead.)My computer at work has to be restarted at least four times a day.My printer is out of toner.That's this weekend in a nutshell. Let's see what other kinds of damage I can do. I better get off the computer pretty quick because if this breaks...well, I... Continue Reading →

Heroics for Beginners

For those of you looking for a fun, quick, fantasy read, then I recommend to you: Heroics for Beginners by John Moore.And when I say quick, I mean this story moves from point A to point B quick. You just get to know the hero--or wannabe hero in this case--and then it's off to the... Continue Reading →

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